Student Workshops can be booked to follow a performance, allowing students, teachers and school counselors to interact with actors to explore and discuss solutions to bullying and intolerance in their own environment. Separate workshops are designed to meet the developmental needs of primary, intermediate and middle school students. After-school and evening workshops engage teachers, parents and community members in the process.


Tiger Think Tank (Grades 6-8)

Helping middle school students process expectations and experiences unique to those adolescent years.

The middle school years often get a bad rap for being difficult, but middle school students are just dealing with a specific set of expectations and norms that affect their age bracket more than others. In this 40-minute in-class interactive think tank, participants use theatre to work through handling gossip, advocating for themselves, finding confidence in their individuality, and empathizing with the people around them.

Student Workshops

30 minute Classroom Sessions
Post-performance interactive workshops offered in classrooms following performance to reinforce concepts introduced in the production and to support social-emotional learning.

Teacher Workshops

90 minute After-School Session
Designed to help teachers use the arts to foster student tolerance and compassion. Presents useful information to staff and teachers on best school practices for creating safe and affirming environments.

Parent Workshops

90 minute Evening Sessions
Performance-related information about bullying and intolerance of individual differences and it’s effect on children and their relationships.

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