Please continue to enjoy these 20 episodes of TIGER TIME that were created last Summer just for you during a very difficult year, with stories (all episodes), musical numbers (all episodes), art activities(“T” Titles), dance moves (“I” Titles), magic tricks (“G” Titles), music activities (“E” Titles) and even Alex Ray of the Common Man Family of Restaurants teaching you how to cook (“R” Titles)!

We are so excited to back on the road for our 2021-2022 season! We hope you enjoy these videos and will share them with the school counselors and educators at your schools. We have already received work from students based on the videos. Feel free to share activities you decide to do after viewing TIGER TIME at plindber@plymouth.edu or pmirish@plymouth.edu. You can click on whatever episode link you feel best supports what you’re doing in your curriculum. We would love you to subscribe, like if you like, and share, Share, SHARE.